Monday, October 11, 2010

She Grows Cars

If I have said one thing in my life
That has been the cause of another man’s inspiration
To write something so longing or so sad
Or something that seethes magic or irreverence

It is only because she taunts me squarely
Her long legs and high ass dressed in candy
Lips smooth like the reddest of red carnival glass
Hips custom made for resting my cheek on

She busies herself about the yard
Gathering the seeds I require
Those fucking high heels aren’t for weeding
They are merely there because they match my ears

She places the seeds, burying them with lithe fingers
Tipping the watering can and whispering my name
From the ground sprouts a 65’ Mustang convertible
She glances furtively over her shoulder to see my smile

She is my muse and suffers a fate
Worse than any woman should need endure
Keeping me interested enough in myself
To write my lust as reflected in her eyes

She grows cars


  1. A grand touch of magical realism here - a sexy, punchy write.

  2. Love the sensual write from your muse ~ the last verse speaks to me ~


  3. I believe that any woman who would actually garden in heels (ouch!) and lipstick, could probably grow a pony car. Then she could wear old Nikes to a French restaurant, just to be perverse.

    1. lol....hell yeah! Thanks for the read, I really appreciate it.

  4. that her heels match your ears is quite an image for a monday morning. thanks! heh.

  5. I'm happy to get to comment twice... I'm sure there is rehab for this kind of addiction, but not many will seek it out :P

  6. i like how you say it's only that she taunts you and then there's really so much more

    private dreamliner

  7. Strong and sexy! Exquisite write.

  8. Like the way you make the old images do somersaults here, and blend the real with the surreal--its a thankless job being a muse, but lots and lots of fun to be able to grow cars, I think.

  9. NOW I finally understand what the men in my life were looking for: a woman who could grow cars!!! In high heels, no less. Hee hee. Too late smart, my grandma always said. Now I say it too:)