Monday, October 11, 2010

My Town

This was inspired by the Stephen Morath painting "Sunset Ride" and the Wall of Voodoo song Mexican Radio with a small nod to the Authority Zero version of the song thrown in cuz their remake was boss.

I feel a hot wind from the border…..
And a touch of a world that is older…..

Sunset makes quick work of slowly developing friendships
This old truck is made for sitting close
Rumbles down the hard pan main drag
You put your head on my shoulder and yawn

I hear the talking of the DJ…..
Can’t understand just what does he say…..

The picture show starts as the sun sets
The clouds hectic, windblown patterns, yellow and beautiful
The movie we have seen a hundred times
The bar we visited a thousand times….the bar it is

I wish I was in Tijuana…..
Eating barbecued iguana…..(sipping fucking ice cold Caguama)

The burgers drip, drip, dripping grease and cheese
Cigarette in one hand, papas fritas in the other
You ask if we can have pie, I say “to go”
You tip too little; I wait until you’re gone and add five

I’m on a Mexican radio…..
I’m on a Mexican, whoa-oh, radio…..

I see Julio sweeping his front stoop briskly
He sees and calls us to join him for brandy
“I have pie” I shout, and raise the bag high, she sighs
She takes the truck and heads out, I will walk

Tomorrow will come hard


  1. I love the artwork, and you poem is the ideal companion to it. A slice of life - "I have pie..."

  2. Me again, it seems. Just going to say, this picture and poem always makes me want to jump on a plane for Mexico...

  3. I love this story, especially "I have pie!"

  4. Love this! I can almost taste this poem...the greasy burger and fries, followed up by pie and brandy...just wonderful!

  5. ALL the bring them on greatly...much enjoyed this write, Corey!

  6. Love it! You brought the painting to life down to the pie.

  7. I feel like Im in Tijuana.Thanks for the slice of that pie.:)

  8. Love the way you captured the scene here!

  9. He chooses brandy over pie and his lady. Yes, tomorrow will come hard. Love the details, the too little tip, sweeping of the porch, windblown patterns. Nice!

  10. man, i always hum that ditty when i show up here. naturally, babyluv.