Monday, October 11, 2010

She Shimmered


Cars were small
Buildings were small
The planet was small
But most of all, the hearts and minds of men were small


A baby girl is born on a roundabout, near a clock tower, in Great Britain
Her brain was on the outside and different enough
To keep rhythm with her oversized heart.....bleeding hope
She shimmered as she grew and things evolved


Cars were large
Buildings were large
The planet was large
And the hearts and minds of men were large

She didn't have to convince anyone to evolve
She simply opened her mouth and flowers grew
She simply waved her hand and lovers embraced
She shimmered and the universe answered


  1. This is the first poem of yours I read, Corey, and now I keep coming back to read more. There is something about that last stanza which I can't help responding to on a highly imaginative level of thinking.

  2. lovely contrasts on your piece of poetry,

    sharp imagery, keep it up.

  3. I have been having trouble commenting on your blog, will try again for about the fourth time:) I loved your El Sol poem very much - "not enough cover the depth of his sorrow". Great stuff. Love this shimmering poem as well - cool perspective..........keep writing, kiddo! Nice to see you posting at Poets United - and thanks so much for your wonderful comment on my blog.

  4. She... of power and deity. Brilliant imagery here.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and the kind words....nice to meet you.

  5. I wish your optimism bears fruit...and my reservations are proved untrue.surreal stuff.

  6. Ah, she grow.

    This is such a life-affirming poem.

  7. Fantastic - love her shimmering, and, especially, "she opened her mouth and flowers grew".

  8. This makes me think of how a father might look at his child, imagining all the magic in her future, all the ways in which she will change the world for the better, how drab his life and the world were before she was born.

  9. What an interesting and creative poem!

  10. This definitely is an enjoyable, creative futuristic/psychedelic hopeful poem!