Monday, October 11, 2010

My Fault


The moon waxed philosophic at the stars dim outlook
The ice crystals floated and shimmered in the still frozen night air
My toes like frozen twigs, threatening to snap
You put on your sunglasses and tell me you love someone else

These things happen….

The words hang in the icy vapor above your head, leaded
I can’t tell the difference between your breath and your cigarette smoke
You look at me from the corner of your eye disgusted
I should have known I was not good enough to hold your company forever

I can change….

I apologize for not being enough, for not being manly
You exhale; double clouds billow slowly forth against the silvery moonlight
I apologize for being too emotional, not being low maintenance
You scoff and look the other way, across the snow crusted field

If I had another chance….

I gather myself, tear tracks frozen to my cheeks, glistening
You answer a call on your cell phone, voice too loud against this backdrop
I start to head back to the truck
“Yeah…I told him”, you say, to someone who apparently is good enough, for now


  1. Strong painful poem. The images of smoke and ice really work well together with the mood of the piece, and the ending hits hard.

  2. I love the header... Your blog is really taking shape - there's a good atmosphere in here :)

    This poem doesn't disappoint on a second reading either - that last line's a killer.